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Speaking at a presentation, meeting, for a website video, media interview, at a wedding or private event?

Our training for public speaking is tailored to your needs. We'll help you overcome anxiety, use stories and start to enjoy - yes, enjoy - speaking in public. We'll show you how to gain clarity, be relevant and engage your audience. Our one-on-one public speaking training sessions are designed to help you feel competent, confident and energised. For corporates, our workshops & small group training help managers and employees gain presentation & speaking skills in a team environment. And what's more - have fun learning!

Would you like to speak in public without fear or anxiety?

As a young actress in both New Zealand and Australia I was often sick to my stomach with nerves. I was in good company. Many actors - Richard Burton, Stephen Fry, Kate Winslet, Meryl Streep,Scarlet Johanssen - have suffered from stage fright. Like them, I had to learn to harness the butterflies and use the adrenaline to give me energy, pace and focus. It's true. You can learn to lose the fear, create presence and engage an audience.

No matter how confident they might seem, speaking in public is a challenge for most people. Through our work with both corporate and individual clients, we have found lack of experience is no bar to gaining confidence in a few intensive sessions. Motivation is key.

Do your presenting skills need polishing?

Whether you need to learn the basics or polish existing skills to a new level, we provide a safe, supportive public speaking training environment to bring about a confident transformation in speaking, presentation and media communication skills. And we will ensure your presentation does not suffer 'Death by Powerpoint'. We use proven techniques to unlock people's potential and - we guarantee results.

Are you comfortable talking to the media - or a camera?

We show you how to turn a dull, boring delivery into a more engaging one for TV, radio, print and digital and website viewers. We will help you master sound bites, use stories and get clarity in messages. We can advise on body language - including dress and make-up. Your image is an important part of your message in media, website and business presentations.



The following video outlines what I can do for you in helping you to learn to enjoy public speaking.

Jane's Blogg on public speaking


You’ve probably heard the old maxim ‘people may forget what you said, and they may forget what you did, but they will never, ever forget how you made them feel.’  

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winnyPlain English

From Mary S. Lovell’s book:  ‘The Churchills’

‘An American general once drafted a speech and asked Churchill to go through it. Churchill gave it a dim report.
“What if, instead of ‘We shall fight them on the beaches’ I had said ‘Hostilities will be engaged with our adversary on the coastal perimeter?” ‘

Use plain English if you want your message both understood AND REMEMBERED!

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Angela Heising

L&D Progressive Enterprises

"Jane coached three finalists on presentation and interview skills for our International Paul Simons Awards.... our team presented with panache and impact - best of all - one (of them) became the first Kiwi to win."


James Usmar

Macquarie Private Wealth  - Wealth Management

"She gets great results - what else do you need to know?"

"I went from 25% to 85% follow up success."

Read our case study on James


Yvonne McLean

ACC (ICF), Executive Coach

"Working with Jane enabled me to take my presentation skills up another level."

"I highly recommend Jane's services."


Helen Talbot

Fashion Designer

"Jane was encouraging, humorous and above all dedicated. My speech was a great success and surprisingly, I enjoyed the experience." "I highly recommend Jane's services."


Tim Paulsen


When I knew had to speak at my wedding I was dreading it. I never imagined I’d be able to stand up and speak without notes - but with Jane’s help I not only managed it I got fantastic feedback and everyone was very impressed.


Jill Wilkinson

Director CMB NZ

After training with Jane, I gave my talk on Appropriate Image Presentation. They loved it. I got lots of applause and individual thanks from the members.
Thank you so much for the help you gave me and for very quickly getting to the crucial things I needed to change.


Sally Fienerman


Having delivered numerous speeches in the past. I knew I was OK but I wanted to be better than OK.

After a chance meeting with Jane, I immediately employed her services as a coach.

Jane helped me cut the waffle, get to the point and move the story along.  My presentation is now more entertaining & memorable.

Thanks Jane I have so much more confidence.


Eseta Nicholls

Hi Jane

Just wanted to say thank-you for a great talk last night (to the PWG of 'Dress for Success') - you could have heard a pin drop, leaving the group buzzing with excitement keen to put their next speech to the test.
I for one have re-written my story and will not be shy to put my hand up in future (or will do so with confidence)

Thank-you for your time and expertise, and look forward to another opportunity to meeting with you in the near future.



Sinda Hall

Hello Jane

Thank you very much for a really great training session today.  I was frankly terrified when I saw the camera, plus having to do a talk in front of my peers.  I just hate anything like this.  But you made it non threatening and were very encouraging, so thank you for all the advice and tips.

Kind Regards   
Sinda Hall


Sabine Willensen

Thank you so much for your inspirational workshop Jane. We all enjoyed it tremendously and know we learned a lot!

Sabine Willensen Sales and Marketing Manager ‘Mountain Jade’.


Tracy Manu

I’ve spoken to audiences of up to 100 people and thought I was pretty good at what I do.  Then I worked with Jane!
Jane helped me take my keynote speaking to a new level!
She helped me construct my presentation in a way that was precise, informative and authentically me.
She gave brilliant tips for before and during my speech which were highly effective.
When I had to make changes at the last minute, she kept me calm and helped me believe I was up for the job... and I was. The presentation was fantastic.

Tracy Manu ‘Blossom’ (Life Coach)


Craeg Williams

"All it took was three sessions, and it was worth every penny.
I delivered my presentation with ease and all the feedback I received was very positive.
Jane's teaching method is systematic and gets results fast. I am happy to recommend her to anyone looking to improve their public speaking skills"

Craeg Williams
TPS Credit Control
Managing Director


Dean Reihana

Hey Jane,
Thank you for coaching me for the wedding ceremony for my sis.
When the time came . . . . . I nailed it! YAY!  
I spoke clearly and loud enough for all to hear, had full control of the whole ceremony and best of all, I had everyone in the palm of my hand.
They all enjoyed listening ..and I added my own spark to the event without stealing the attention away from the newly weds.
Thanks Jane, your guidance and coaching helped me on the day and even better, improved me as a person.

Dean Reihana Wedding Celebrant


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PH: +64 (0)9 378 7733
MOB: +64 (021) 971 900


You can contact me on the numbers above or by emailing me using the contact form here.

International and out of Auckland enquiries welcome.

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